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Your Window Into Los Alamos National Laboratory

Field Trip: Los Alamos

Bring your class to Los Alamos, New Mexico for a day of exploration in the science, history, and nature of this unique town.

A Day at the Bradbury Science Museum

The science museum in Los Alamos has exhibits relevant to students of all ages. Interactive exhibits explore topics spanning the history of Los Alamos, the original mission and citizens of the town, to current research initiatives including biofuels and nanotechnology.  Delve into the history and science of Los Alamos and the National Lab, from its inception to the latest in scientific exploration.  In this interactive exhibit, students use a geiger counter to measure the radiation emitted by common objects such as smoke detectors and exits signs.

Please follow these steps to apply for funding to pay for field trips to Los Alamos National Laboratory's Bradbury Science Museum. It is important to read the letter first before choosing the two options, to make sure you fill out the correct form.
  1. Click here to read the Field Trip Announcement Letter
  2. Select a Funding Option
  3. Download the PDF chosen to fill out and return to Bradbury Science Museum Association, 1350 Central Ave. Los Alamos, NM 87544 or to Ed Fenimore at efenimore@lanl.gov

Increase your field trip potential.

The Bradbury Science Museum Association is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the educational mission of the Bradbury Science Museum. We would like to help you bring your class to Los Alamos to enjoy a day of educational activities. For field trip sponsorship request form, please go to www.bradburyassociation.org. 

Want to extend your field trip beyond the Bradbury Science Museum? After your trip to the museum, take your class to another one of these fabulous destinations: The Los Alamos History Museum, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center, the Larry Walkup Aquatic Center or the Los Alamos Ice Rink. Many are within walking distances of each other!

A Day at the Bradbury Science Museum

The science museum in Los Alamos has exhibits relevant to students of all ages. Interactive exhibits explore topics spanning the history of Los Alamos, the original mission and citizens of the town, to current research initiatives including biofuels and nanotechnology.

Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) 

The Los Alamos Nature Center features exciting, interactive exhibits that get kids and adults thinking and having fun while learning about nature in northern New New Mexico. PEEC offers a variety of field trips and classroom visits to enrich your curriculum and familiarize your students with the natural world right here in Los Alamos County. Programs are aligned with standards and taught by experienced environmental educators or subject-matter experts.

Contact: Education Programs Director educator@peecnature.org

Los Alamos History Museum

The Los Alamos Historical Society provides tours for school groups of every grade level. Each tour includes the history of the geography in Los Alamos, Fuller Lodge, the Romero Cabin, Ancestral Pueblo Dwellings, Bathtub Row, and the Historical Museum. Children learn about the people who contributed to each era of Los Alamos history and the functions of the buildings and landforms that are still present today.

Contact: Natalia Ronquillo y DePaula educator@losalamoshistory.org

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The Bradbury Science Museum Association supports and inspires learners of all ages in Northern New Mexico and beyond through STEM Education

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